Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One More Turkey (or Five)

One of our books arrived in time!  I've been wanting to add this one for a few year's now.  Time always gets away from me or I order something else.  I read Dalgliesh's The Thanksgiving Story to the boys this morning.  They really enjoyed it and it was just one of those well written books that they could understand.  How do you explain history to four little boys without getting lost and getting that complete blank stare?  This is always a challenge for me.  The book had plenty to keep their attention and plenty of good historical information about the holiday.  There was just enough for this younger age group.  I did break the book into two morning readings, but it was worth going through the book slowly.  They digest more and can tell me more about it with detail.  I wasn't requiring narrations from them, however, just like anything we read; they want to tell me about it ; ) Once again, just another example of a well written book.  I'm so glad it's part of our collection now.

To round up our Thanksgiving month here are some of our Little Keepers at Home club creative turkey mosaics that we worked on last week (so sorry for the blurriness in some):

 And now, we are off to bowling with our small home school group for our annual Turkey Bowl. (The kids just love saying that.)  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  I know we have a lot to be grateful for this year!  God is great.  From our reading today:

Perhaps they sang the hymn they had brought to the New World with them:
 "Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below..."


Eva said...

Hello Jenny, we checked out the same book this morning! How are you liking the Keepers at Home club?

Silvia said...

I love that book, I jumped out of the roof when I got it for four dollars! And what's best, my two turkeys loved it two!

After this one, I'd say that Pumphrey's Pilgrim Stories, or Stories of the Pilgrims, that the hs freebie of the day had free in three installments, but that I got for 7.50 and my friend Heather for 10, is the BEST Thanksgiving book. Nancy recommended (no surprise), and we are on the third chapter and loving it, but probably it's for an audience of say 6 and up, my just 5 year old girl listened to it some, but my 7 year old is glued to the sofa, eyes like big plates, questions floating in the air for the whole day. Heather had the same experience with her 6 year old girl.
The illustrations are wonderful, it's an old book that Liberty Press reprinted, but that you can find old editions of it as well. Worth every dollar you pay for it.

I love the mosaics too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Eva, I've been meaning to write a post just about Keepers. My girls have enjoyed this group for about 3 years now. It has been a wonderful source for handicrafts. I agreed to take our Little Keepers this year in my home and our big project is embrodiary. We're still on our first stitch, but the girls enjoy the time together (once a month meetings). We'll be ready to move on to the regular Keepers handbook next year. :)

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Silvia, I'll have to look for that title too. Thanks for the recommendations!! I hope you enjoy your Turkey day with your family. God Bless.

Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

Great to hear your children loved Dalgliesh's book. We'll start that tonight.

Silvia, are the illustrations by Lucy Fitch Perkins? Or another one?

I haven't heard of Keepers...I'm intrigued.

Serena said...

I love all of these colorful turkeys.
I have given you an award over on CastingPearls. Come by and take a look when you have the time. :)
Happy Thanksgiving weekend!