Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent: Reflection and Sacrifice

These last few weeks have been filled with every emotion imaginable.  It only seems appropriate that our next liturgical season of Lent begin tomorrow; a season of reflection and sacrifice.  I didn't have time to plan much for the kids, but fortunately I had pinned a few ideas on to my Pinterest.  This Sunday, while family was visiting, I just pulled a few things I already had and created our Lenten Calendar board:

Every day for forty days we will nail a cross to the path:

I also know that I can't go wrong with some treasured titles and our usual Friday Stations of the Cross Teas.  The kids have been enjoying Lent Time Teas for the last two years.  We start with a reading from The Story of The Cross by Mary Joslin with two stations per week and then pick a book from our Easter book basket.  Many cared classics and lovely illustrated titles:

I'm adding this nature Resurrection scene to our Friday reflection time.  I thought I would have the kids add an item daily, but instead decided  to make seven plastic bags with items to add on each Friday of Lent.  This is just perfect for our nature table.  Let's face it, my little boys will enjoy learning and reflecting, especially when it means that their hands might get dirty ; )

They were more than happy to give up some lego soldiers for the season.  I ordered a few new to us titles that I'm still waiting for.  I'll have to post about them later.  I hope you continue to enjoy your Shrove Tuesday; we'll be enjoying a chocolate chip pancake dinner today. 


Collette said...

LOL, I just noticed your comment on my blog...and at the same time I've been busy catching up on my reading over here! :0)

Your Lent activities look wonderful!! Your board turned out so cute....and I especially like your Resurrection scene. I'd really like to give that one a try with my family :) Going to go check out your Pinterest Board....

Blessings, Collette

Erin said...


Thanks for the titles, a few new ones I am now wanting to add to our collection.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

I'm glad there was something you each enjoyed : D