Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Lent & Easter 2012 Book Additions

Erin asked if I could mention the books I pictured in yesterdays post ; )

Our new books, some recommended by my favorite bloggers other's happened by chance, include:
  • A Tale for Easter by Tasha Tudor (sweet for the little ones)
  • The Story of Easter by Aileen Fisher (we had a chance to celebrate Persian New Year with friends;  it was fun to read about this and other spring/Easter traditions towards the end of this book)
  • Mousekin's Easter Basket by Edna Miller (this was just sweet and perfect for the start of our bird, nests and eggs study; really a nice spring book)
  • The Boy Who Couldn't by Daryl Knauer (not Easter related but sweet for my little boys)
  • On That Easter Morning by Mary Joslin (I enjoyed this one, great read leading up to and after Easter morning; it falls short on the Stations of the Cross but if you have her book on that you can use it perfectly)
  • Simon and the Easter Miracle by Mary Joslin (the kids enjoyed this one, though, my oldest had several questions as to accuracy; it's a story)
  • It's Time for Easter by Elizabeth Hough Sechrist and Janette Woolsey (nice anthology; we especially enjoyed reading the poems)
  • The Stone That Rolled Away by Guideposts Books (this was a great find; an anthology to "experience afresh the events of Passion Week and Easter Sunday" )
  • Children's Lent and Easter by Vita et Pax  - This turned out to be my girls favorite, very concise but yet understandable for the elementary age kids.  Jennifer at Family in Feast and Feria recommended this one.  It's hard to find and I was thrilled when I did just before Lent began.


Erin said...

Thank you, thank you:):)

I thought the last book looked like a treasure Jenn might know of;)
Off to see if I can find it and the Stone that Rolled Away. I bought several new books this year, planning on writing reviews, including On That Easter Morning.

Erin said...

What's a good price for the Vita et Pax? Just found it on Abe books for $12 but then I have to add $15 freight.
found the stone that rolled away for around the $9 mark.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

The first is hard to find; I paid $10 total for my sound hc copy on ebay and would have been willing to pay more. We have the Advent and Christmas one as well so I knew we would like it.

The Stone Rolled Away I got for about $6.00 and seems a little more accessible/reasonable. I went ahead and ordered one for our Goddaughter as an Easter present too.

Good luck, I always find myself in that quandry when it's OOP and international!!

Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that Vita et Pax. I have to say that book and the ones by Inos Biffi were my boys' favorites. I find that if the book stays closest to the Gospel, it's more accepted and loved.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

That's great you mention Inos Biffi. Those are the books we used last school year (as our faith/religion focus). I have them all in a set and not seperated by season so I did forget to mention them.

I agree with you, I think that's why they've enjoyed the Vita et Pax too.

Collette said...

This is a wonderful collection! I'm working on our little library of holiday picture books this year....& it's always nice to see titles that others recommend. The Tasha Tudor book & Stone Rolled Away look so sweet. Thank you for posting. :)

Eva said...

I found The Stone That Rolled Away at our library! Thanks for mentioning.

Erin said...

Ordered the Stone that Rolled Away and it looks very promising!!:):)