Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do We Have Enough Books?

Our library had their official Summer Reading Club sign ups this Monday.  My kids don't need incentives to read.  Their summer is always full of books anyway, but my oldest got turned on to this event by her grandmother (who works at the library).  Especially, since she discovered that some of the prizes were actually books!  Last summer I was made to promise we would join the program this year.  We fully intended to be there the first day but my mother-in-law warned us that it was very busy and short on volunteers.  So we decided to wait a few days.  O.k. we didn't make it the first day but the third.  Let's just not miss the first week was the sentiment.  All the kids signed up and before leaving the library some played the guessing game, entered a raffle and filled a bag with books to borrow.
Once at home we all continued with our day (trying to wrap up Term 3).  A few hours later my seven year old starts asking lots of questions about the rules of this summer reading club.  Now, let me remind you this is my very focused artist.  He can doodle, draw, create and just be for a few hours without being disturbed.  Well, he was focused yesterday; he was trying to fill in his book chart!  He had read six books already.  I explained that every week until the end of August you can go to the library report the books you've read, participate in activities, enter some drawings and receive a prize.  Then, his response, was music to my ears: 

"Do we have enough books?"


Dorie said...

Love this! "Do we have enough books?" So sweet, brings a smile to my face.
Our library is using the same theme for their reading program. My kids love the library reading program, but I'm pretty sure it is because of how much interaction they have with the library staff, plus we are kinda 'regulars' there throughout the year anyway... :-)

Jenny said...

Dorie, that sounds wonderful. I'm hoping that we go from "S___'s grandkids visiting" to regulars too. We just call in our book order and she has them ready...she's amazingly our library drive thru : D