Friday, February 21, 2014

Impromptu Flower Dissection

My nature loving 10yr old daughter had a great time earning her 'Flowers' pin with her Keepers of the Faith group last spring that she requested to do some more botany this year; so, mama complied.  I found a great book: Look At A Flower by Anne Ophelia Dowden.  She's gently reading through this title and has a few others by the same author waiting (if she fancies more botany).  The book is about 100 pages and Dowden is known for her Botany illustrations. 

Science can be very much driven by interest around here.  I've designated a 'Nature Study', 'Natural History' and a 'Science' day on the schedule.  Really this gives them quiet a few days during the week to indulge on topics and books that they've chosen for the year.  Many times these become intertwined.  The books are available and science notebooks handy and, well, of they go to enjoy.  Narrations are always wonderful; my nature girl is always eager to tell me what she's learned.  Connections with her Co-Op Nature Study/Science reader on insects is icing on her delight.

I've been patiently waiting for the day she'd get curious enough to want to see the parts of the flower that she has been eagerly telling me about.  I knew she was getting close to finishing the section on "Flower Parts".  This week was it.  She picked a Hibiscus flower off the ground from our back yard, brought it in, grabbed her magnifier and asked for my help in making a good cut down the middle of the flower.

Botany: flower dissection complete! 

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