Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Faith & Trust; It Works!

Over the weekend I hosted a showing of the Simply Charlotte Mason All Day Seminar dvd.  When there is nice food and lovely company any gathering is sure to be pleasant and wonderful.  I know we all enjoyed ourselves, for our very cozy number of four moms, this experience was perfect.  Each of us unique and at different stages of our home schooling journey we really could appreciate the information received.  I hope that even though I still consider myself an absolute novice in all things Charlotte Mason, my brief and amazing experience thus far was evident during our gathering and the moms left feeling how wonderful I believe this philosophy of education is.  I can't wait to get together again.

I have to admit that I pretty much could nod my head at most of what Sonya talks about in the seminar and can say with confidence we are practicing implementation of the subjects as she prescribes.  There was one key phrase she uses in the third disc which I felt summarized the emotion we all need when we start down this road.  She was referring to grammar, but I think it very fittingly describes living our education the Charlotte Mason way:  " using her method requires faith; you have to trust her method is going to work!"  (exclamation my own)  This statement, to me, was one of the most important ones in the whole seminar. 

When you start learning about Charlotte Mason everything sounds wonderful and gentle.  For those of us who have read Karen Andreola's Charlotte Mason Companion or Pocket Full of Pinecones, lets face it, her writing emits a very romantic and nostalgic way of thinking.  Why would anyone want to home school any other way?  I can attest to being very nervous thinking that I could educate with just the simple methods I was reading about.  It is very easy to start questioning methods and ideas when we are programmed to think otherwise.  But Sonya's words summarize what we, new moms, educating our children in this fashion must  do and feel. 

First we have to agree that there is gentle way of educating our children and to think of them as capable people, while feeding the whole of them not just parts.  Second we have to believe and trust that this is going to work.  It would be difficult for us to take just one year of a complete Charlotte Mason education and then switch to another train of thought and not say, what a waste of time that was, it didn't work.  Although, I argue and challenge, if you whole heartily took the time and implement her philosophy you would not want to switch at all. With even some more time you would be amazed at the rich living education the children are receiving.  

I really hope this doesn't sound too preachy but rather an affirmation of how much I believe and enjoy making "Education (is) an atmosphere, a discipline, a life" for us.  I didn't dive into this from the beginning but over the last four years have been making adjustments and changes to enjoy a full living education.  I can honestly say though, that I do wish I had.   I am amazed every year at how much the children have learned; how much they love to learn.  All it has taken from me and my husband has been a little faith and trust;  it does work!


Pam... said...

You go girl!
Hey, so which of those ladies (in the top pic) is you? lol!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Thanks Pam...hmm, I really like lace and warm colors. ;)

Silvia said...

Yes Grace, wonderful testimony! I'm glad to have you too to get inspired, Andreola says that too... faith. You can't do that for others, we each need to gather the faith and trust... and it works!
I can say the same, once you try this you don't want to switch to anything else.
I'm now reading For the Children's Sake, which I had none, and some I have experienced already in our short voyage, and some is lovely and inspiring to read about!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

I'll have to pull out my copy, it's been a few years since I read it. But I remember being inspired too. Happy readings Silvia!

Melissa said...

You are inspiring and so helpful! The seminar was great! Thanks for hosting it.

Silvia said...

Grace, my husband teases me with the same thing about the camera, ha! But hey, if I don't take pics I don't even know where to start to identify some things, and it's nice to keep it for the girls and for sharing!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to trying to incorporate more and more CM in my homeschooling.