Monday, July 18, 2011

Nature Study: Summer Ocean Breeze

We took a break from our weekly trail hiking today.  After our swimming lessons we decided we'd head towards the ocean.  The kids were more than excited.  We loaded our van with boogie boards, towels and plenty of snacks.  We also brought along our nature journals.  We had plenty of time for fun, but we also had moments to admire a few birds, ocean items and land marks we are not used to seeing every day.  There were plenty of sea gulls:

My attempt at capturing the pelican.

My camera ran out of battery before we could take a snap shot of some amazing acrobatic Pelicans.  The kids loved how they dove straight into the water without warning.  Hung out and then flew right out.  There were plenty of thoughts on why they were doing this.  We also found some seaweed, different pebble rocks, some broken shells and tiny crabs.  I think we'll be pulling out some beach books for the rest of the week.

I was able to take some hazy horizon shots of two of the eight islands that make up the Channel Islands in CA.  These are the same islands in the book Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell.  We learned that only five of them were made into the Channel Islands National Park.  We would really like to go there some day.  My oldest read the book last year and was very intrigued.

It was a wonderful day.  This next shot was my absolute favorite.  I did not have the kids pose, but you have them run around the ocean and sand for a while; then call them in for lunch and they were as still as they could be:


Serena said...

This looks like such a fun day. I love the last photo and your nature journal sketch! The Burgess Seashore Book is a great living book for beach/seashore study. We read it a few years ago and the boys still talk about the things they learned from it. Thanks for sharing your beach day!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Thanks for the tip Serena. We own about five Burgess books and the Seashore book is one we still haven't gotten yet :( I might just have to check the library this week.

Silvia said...

Oh... they look gorgeous from the back, ha ha ha. Lovely. Thanks for sharing, this and the previous cute post... that telescope I think is a wonderful investment!


Grace'n'Chaos said...

Thanks Silvia, I think the front shot would not have been as peaceful ... sticky grape PB&J with sand all down their mouths and fingers. :) :)

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

We read Island of the Blue Dolphins in our mother-daughter book club a few years ago...great book! What a beautiful place you get to visit. And, I like your nature journal page very much - seeing what other people are doing in their nature journals always inspires me and makes me want to pick up a colored pencil and get to work. Post more pages!

And...oh, such cute kids on the beach and what great memories you are helping them create.