Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nature Study: Summer Trails Part 4

We were on the trail again.  Early Monday morning we headed to our neighboring city and hiked one of their trails.  I wasn't sure what to expect, since this was our first time at this location.  We had no agenda other than to enjoy our hike so we decided this would just be a photo nature study.  If the trail looked promising we'd be back with some more focus and nature journals next time.  Memo to self: there is always something to draw in a journal, never leave home with out them!  I should know this, but I was thinking about all the errands we had to do after the hike : (

It didn't take us long to figure out what subject this would be great for: GEOLOGY.  The kids were mesmerized by all the wonderful rocks and rock formations.  Geology is not a subject we have studied very much yet, so our discussions were mostly tid bits that my husband and oldest daughter knew about.  A good friend and my oldest daughter's Godfather is a geologist so from trips with him they had both picked up a few things here and there.

They talked a little about sedimentary rock layers, weathering, bedding,  erosion, earthquakes, and different types of rocks like gravel vs. sandstone.  O.K.  so maybe not just tid bits, but certainly more than I knew. 

I humbly have to admit:  dad can lead some nature study too ; )


Anonymous said...

Wonderful fun! So glad you were blessed Jenny!

Silvia said...

How neat! The landscape is amazing.
Great for dad.
My husband is now 'making up stories' with them at his sides on bed!

Serena said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to hike. Geology is something we haven't studied much either. I'd love to hear about any good living books you discover on the subject. Love seeing the pictures of your western landscape! :)

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Thanks ladies, I do feel blessed. We've enjoyed these hikes as a family.