Friday, March 9, 2012

Birds Tweet Tweet: Part 1

We really missed the Great Backyard Bird Count this year.  Still, my kids wake up every morning commenting on all the tweet tweets in our backyard.  A few weeks ago my 8yr. old mentioned how we needed to add the first sighting of birds in our yard into our Book of Firsts.  The sounds can't go unnoticed so early this week I decided we needed to set up some bird feeders so the kids could get a good look at our new neighbors more closely.  I have lots of pine cones sitting in our nature basket from our winter evergreen studies ; )  so we took a few and covered them in smooth peanut butter then rolled them in bird seeds.  We tied some twine rope on them and hung them on the closest tree to our glass backyard sliding doors.  We put them out on Tuesday afternoon.

The kids have checked every morning ... and guess what ...  there must have been about 15 little birds near that tree bright and early today.  Meet the White Crowned Sparrow common to California's coastal regions:

Zonotrichia leucophrys

The kids plopped down on the ground and watched these little guys have a feast.  We did have some strong winds the past few days so many of the seeds were also all over our grass less yard (we're working on that!):

After some time to observe and some nature journaling we headed over to the computer to find out more about them.  We found this site that also has a small clip of their sound calls.  Well, yes, that is exactly what we've been listening too lately : D

My 6yo, wait, (as of today) 7yo nature journal page
My 8 yo page ( I just noticed she needs to check the calendar)

I think we just found our spring study topic ; D


Silvia said...

Lovely pictures, both of real birds and nature entries!
My girls were drawing their little planter gardens, while I was listening to a mockingbird that was stationed in our roof outside.
We are seeing many, and that without bird feeders... maybe soon. We were busy planting tomatoes!

Melissa said...

Oh, what fun - we should do that in our Magnolia...

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Silvia, planting has been our other kick into spring activity. I'd love to hear how your garden does. We do great 'till you start to see some harvest then our animal friends take care of them before we can pick them.

Melissa, the kids really did enjoy. My father in law has a nice Magnolia in his backyard; I've always been fond of it : D

Collette said...

What a great idea!! Your children did such a nice job on their nature journal entries, too.
LOL, we've been enjoying our 'tweets' as well - and I think we may have stumbled onto the same website as you mentioned? It's so neat to know of other families who are studying similar things!! I think my children would like to see this post, too. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Eva said...

Your birds are so different than ours. I have to show them to my children, who love to learn about birds.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Collette, isn't that site neat. We've enjoyed the other tabs as well.

Eva, I'll have to look up New York birds. It'll be fun to show the kids.