Sunday, August 12, 2012

Farewell to Lazy Summer Days

It has been a roller coaster summer for us, yet we managed to maintain true to our lazy summer days philosophy.  My friends know that any park day we happen to meet at, I am always sure to carry a few essentials: picnic basket full of water bottles & snacks, my planning notebook/file(s), possibly a tote filled with books and my crochet bag.

Park Day Essentials!!
I spent the summer letting my kids relax & play while I finished putting together our 2012-2013 school year. Oh, yes, and worked on a little crocheting in between just for me ; ) I was struck this year by how much more confident I was in planning our Charlotte Mason education.  I have successfully transitioned my oldest (and myself) from our textbook, workbook, packaged curriculum days.  I continue to glean from the wonderful resources I have listed on my side bar and found some new titles/options on my own to create a year catered to each one of my children using Ms. Mason's philosophy and methods.  The most fun has been going on my used book sale trips and finding wonderful living book treasures to include in our year.  The hardest part is eliminating choices.  I can't wait to share our picks with you as we start to use them. 
Battle Ship round 1
I was watching my kids play Battle Ship at the park today and I couldn't help but notice how they were plotting coordinates and thinking strategies to get the right hit.  Well, to say the least, it struck me!  This is what I've been doing for the last few years.  I plot and strategize and hope for the right hit.  I continue to learn something new from Ms. Mason but I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on living our education the way she describes.  I'm certainly not plotting blindly anymore.  I see the strategy and now we're living it.  I think myself fortunate that there have not been many misses in my CM or other choices so far; just a few detours and adjustments.  And now, with a few Charlotte Mason years under my belt, I'm really hopeful that our choices are sure to be well received and used by our children. 

Battle Ship round 2
We start our first pre-run week tomorrow.  I like to introduce a few subjects the first week and allow the kids to ease into their full schedule by week two or three.  This gives the kids a chance to transition and also gives me a chance to feel for any needed adjustments; although, changes can still be made as we get further along.  The girls (7th & 4th grade) have been waiting patiently to dive into their history, literature and science book selections.   My boys (2nd & 1st grade) will also be pleasantly surprised by the choices I've made for them.  And, can you believe it, my four and a half year old pictured above is ready to start some small step reading and math this year : O  I'm going to take it slow for his Kinder year but I have a feeling he is going to catch on pretty quick.  He picked up so much from his brother learning to read and work on math last year.  Which leaves my two year old; whom, I expect to just be two.  A handful to say the least.

I hope you are all enjoying what may be for some the last few summer weeks.  As for us, we bid farewell to some wonderful lazy summer days.  I should admit, there is no way of getting away from the heat so I'm sure my kids will still be jumping in a few pools and getting some park day sun in the afternoons. After all I wouldn't be a true CMer if the lovely outdoors weren't still involved ; )


Amanda said...


I'm enjoying this last bit of summer.

picnics are on the agenda weekly here. Yours looks so pretty.

will be starting back formal lessons in another week!

Jenny said...

Thanks Amanda, you're outdoor time always looks so inviting and refreshing!

Gae said...

Dear Jenny,
Life style of learning in your home. I love it.
I also take those extras with me everywhere I go

Jenny said...

Thanks Gae, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one ; )

...they call me mommy... said...

I love your confidence! I need to just rest in some of what I learn and just do it. :)

Jenny said...

Amy, give a nice sigh and trust your instincts. The pieces we learn all fall right in place ; ) Don't you just love it: we're all here to cheer each other on. Yes, you can!!