Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just One More Beach Day: Part 3

Dad is working the entire Labor Day weekend so on one of his days off this past week we decided to have one last run at the beach before fall becomes apparent.  What a beautiful day:

We've seen so many things on our trips to the sand this summer, but the kids did not expect to see one of these trotting along the shore, yes, it's a horse!

I think that even topped off observing the washed up elephant seal in July and all the porpoise I could never catch on camera! I enjoyed the breeze and light wind.  Even those elements were noticed by the kids and they couldn't help but have small talk on how that was affecting their waves and booggie boarding for the day ; )  After a few tries my boys and I were finally able to take a picture of a flock of bird's amazing V formation (hope you can see them).  Bird formation just always gets oohs' and ahs' from my little guys:

And lastly, our summer beach study couldn't be complete if mom didn't do something, I mean make a nature journal entry, of all the seaweed specimens the boys kept bringing me : O After all we've compared at least three different kinds, taken them home and looked at them under a microscope all summer.  When I was done I got a "that looks good mom" and they moved on to something else ; )

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend all!


Silvia said...

That looks very good.

I am glad you enjoyed your summer days at the beach.

Caroline said...

Beautiful drawing! I can't draw worth beans, but I love trying to sketch in my nature journal. It is so calming and refreshing to my spirit.

Jenny said...

Thanks Silvia and Caroline. My nature journal is about the only place I feel comfortable even trying to draw & sketch ; )