Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Trail

It was another hot weekend around here, but we had planned to go on a nature hike with my sister in law and her boyfriend.  So we did!  My husband picked a short and very shaded trail:

It is located behind the Chumash Indian Museum (we're scheduled to tour the inside next month with our California History group).  The kids enjoy a rest stop near the huts and village area;  their favorite part of this trail:

As the trail was getting clearly narrow and full of poison oak we decided to stop.  We turned around to head back but not before climbing a very steep incline that led to some cool rocks.  A new adventure for the kids so climb we did! You'll forgive me but I didn't take pictures of the inside of a small cave the kids found.  You see I made the climb with a toddler on my back...thank goodness for my Ergo ; )  I was busy trying to figure out how I'd get down and making sure nobody would slide off!!  I did manage to take this shot of the outside:

And let me say thank goodness for husbands ... he carried the baby down :D


Silvia said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

LOL Silvia : )