Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

We do enjoy our annual visit to the ranch this time of year for their fall pumpkin patch displays.  The kids had so much fun riding the cow train and tractor wagon; petting the animals; and just enjoying the beautiful fields of sunflowers and pumpkins.

Dad enjoyed chasing the kids through a dried wheat labyrinth and then they spent some time finding their way through a very tall green corn stalk maze.

He's coming!
Our pumpkin picks were great this year.  The kids can't wait to start carving and cooking with them.  While we were waiting for dad, great aunt and grandma to carry out the two filled wagons of pumpkins the kids noticed a few milkweed plants filled with monarch caterpillars. (we really have to plant some of these in our backyard)

Another great year at the ranch.  Our fall reading has really helped the kids enjoy this trip and the season so far.  One last picture of our day:

My husband joked that if I could I probably would take this home and fill it with books ; )

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Rodger Ciliberto said...

Great timing! Halloween is already by the door. Those pumpkins you’ve taken home will be of great use for the event. :D Plus, the kids already had an advanced treat with the ranch visit. It’s a great way for them to learn, enjoy, and socialize in a very serene yet stimulating setting. ;]