Friday, October 26, 2012

The Scarecrow

I just had to share : )  We had our annual Halloween Party with our home school group today.  The kids always look forward to this get together.  They play games, have lunch and just enjoy their friends.  The costumes are always cute, sweet and mostly home made.

Let me back track just a bit before I go on.  In a September post I shared the books that were going into our nature study area book basket.  A particular book in my list that has been a joy is The Scarecrow by Caroline Rush.  This has turned out to be such a sweet gem.  There is a little bit of whimsy and nature study all in this cute living story book.  My boys have looked forward to our weekly short chapter readings.  It's been difficult to keep to just one chapter per reading as it is a small book ; )

Each chapter starts with the old farmer hiding in the pea stalks waiting to listen to a pair of field mice. The older mouse tells stories about how each part of the scarecrow just happened upon this particular scarecrow, currently their autumn home.  The chapters usually end something like this:

"And that is the story of the straw," said the older mouse.
 That night, as the old man walked home to his tea, he smiled.
"I always wondered where those two ducks went to." And he whistled as he walked home

Well, back to my Halloween party:  my oldest son decided on his costume this year.  I'm sure you've guessed what he chose ; )


Collette said...

LOL, too cute!
Thanks for the book recommendation - looks like something my family would enjoy!

Jenny said...

You're welcome, I hope you had a fun Halloween Collette, lol.