Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Family Wedding

The last few months have been filled with anticipation...of the good kind of course.  My husband's youngest sister fulfilled her sacrament of marriage on Friday.  The family was just overjoyed to witness such love and devotion for each other in the presence of God.  Our sincere wishes for them: that God's joy and blessings rein abundant and always present in their lives.

In a few weeks we will miss them dearly as they are moving to another state.  My children are very fond of their auntie and their new uncle.  We hope they will visit often and that they have room for a family of eight to visit them ; )  A few pictures to remember the day for this cyber keepsake of mine:


Danced the last song with Grandma before calling it a night ;-)



Nancy said...

I'm just seeing these pics now. What a BEAUTIFUL family you have! No surprise there.

Hope all is well. We are busy with our school year, too.

From joy to joy,

Jenny said...

Very sweet of you Nancy. Family is just such a blessing. It was a great summer for CA and VT weddings ; )