Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"...like a well-fed rajah..."

I had a peaceful moment today : D Last year one of my sons just loved Paddle to the Sea by H.C. Holling so when he saw that there were actually two Holling books on his list he wasn't sure he liked that.  "What if they're not as good?!"  Great question!  But he and his brother didn't hesitate to give them a try.    Today as we were doing our weekly reading of Pagoo (also by Holling) my son just started laughing out loud as I read and then he re-read, repeating:
"He leaned back in his rocking penthouse like a well-fed rajah riding off
 somewhere in his jeweled elephant howdah." H.C. Holling, Pagoo pg34
Well, this became his copy work for the day and I'd say the two books on his list will be just as good as last years ; ) Oh the gift of imagery this author gives to his books is just wonderful.  BTW, the other is Minn of the Mississippi.  (I couldn't help but cut up some yellow watermelon for a little added splash of royalty to our simple ham sandwich lunch today.)

We've been back to school for over two weeks now.  I always worry about the transition but I've realized that every year it gets better.  The slow and persistent work of habits and the choosing of great books pays off.  The kids enjoyed the previous years books so much that they look forward to the new ones on their lists.  The routine of notebooks, copy work, dictation and narrations is no longer a surprise. A new year just feels like an extension of the previous and I just love that!

"The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits
secures for herself smooth and easy days..." Charlotte Mason, Vol.1 Home Education pg 136

I hope your school year has started out with "smooth and easy days"! 


Celeste said...

Sounds like a wonderful moment! We're doing Tree in the Trail and have Seabird scheduled for Term 3 (following AO's Year 2) and my son just adores the Holling books.

Jenny said...

We'll look forward to those as well ; ) My girls enjoyed them a few years back and it's so fun to go through them with the boys now.

Nancy said...

I love this! Yes, it is just an extension of the year before...truly just part of life. Looking forward to reading about your school year again.

From joy to joy,

Jenny said...

Thanks Nancy, I always enjoy reading about yours too!

...they call me mommy... said...

So cute!!! :D I remember that line!! Love your bloggy backround! :)

Amanda said...

Dear Jenny,

We are two weeks back to school with you too.

I always worry too at the start of each new school year. And like you each year not only NEVER fails me, but always seems better.

Striving this year to form more habits in me. More habits in them and keeping God in the center of it all!

Happy Learning at Home!

{enjoyed the wedding photos:)

Jenny said...

Amy and Amanda, so sweet to hear from both of you. Praying your years go well. Enjoy the kids!!