Monday, February 3, 2014

Joining A Book Discussion

I enjoy living our education! Just like my children, I've always tried to have reading material that will not only challenge and educate me, but encourage our home schooling journey.  I'm sure you can imagine the majority of my selections have been Charlotte Mason related.  I was so excited to see Laurie Bestvater write and publish The Living Page.   A book about "Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason".

I'm equally as excited to join a book discussion among friends.  I'll be linking through Jen's blog at Wildflowers and Marbles for a few of my posts.  I hope you'll read along with us or if you've already had the pleasure, please still share your thoughts.  The first posts/discussion will go up starting this Thursday.
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Jen Mackintosh said...

I love seeing your cheery notebooks, Jenny! Can't wait to chat about CM's notebooks!!

Jenny said...

Thanks Jen, pretty is always cheerful! Just a touch adds to my pleasant atmosphere.

Amy Marigold said...

Oooh. A fellow notebook lover! :) Delightful. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Jenny said...

Hi Amy, so nice of you to stop by! I hope you enjoyed your visit ; )