Saturday, October 1, 2011

Health & Fitness Expo 2011

I've been meaning to write about our experience with the Kids Fitness and Health Expo.  A year ago, we all happened upon this while driving by one of our local parks & recs community centers.  So we stopped and the kids had a wonderful time.  A group of volunteers will put together some fun activities and some wonderful health filled informational ones too.  This year, my oldest made it a point to remind us of the fair and we again spent the morning perusing the various booths, games, jumpers and the rock climbing wall.  Several of my children must have done the obstacle course to the right of the picture a dozen times.  Why?  They were trying to better their times.  The top picture was taken towards the end of the event.  As for the reason behind them all sitting and not running around in six different directions: they each are enjoying a naturally flavored lemonade snow cone while watching some entertainment.

The activities were varied.  There was a table set up to learn how to brush your teeth for exactly two minutes using a set of large size teeth, tooth brush and a sand timer.  I'm convinced I need to find a sand timer to put it in their bathrooms.  Other activities were more arts & craft style regarding foods and health.  There were some demonstration style tables like wear extra fat belt.  My oldest daughter and husband were shocked to have to wear a belt with a rubber like substance that signified how much X amount of extra fat your body could have without the proper diet and exercise.   There was a wonderful go market shopping set up in the gym.  The kids got their recyclable bags and filled them with groceries.  At the check out someone showed them whether they picked an item with a green or red sticker.  If it was red, they would talk about it.  Neat! Then there was their favorite: the farmer's market set up outside.  The kids got to go around tasting fruits and vegetables then placed a green or red sticker for like or not like.  I have to admit we saw some children that were not to happy about what was going in their mouth.  Mine, well, let's just say they enjoy everything and would have done a second round if we had let them.  There were some interesting choices this year:

Golden Yellow Watermelon

Emerald Plums
Patty Pan Squash
This was one of those events that, for us as a homeschooling family, we enjoy because it really is part of living our education.  The kids had lots of fun while reinforcing many things that we already know and enjoy.  It opens the door to some further research when we're home too.  For example, we had to learn more about those yellow watermelons later that week.  The event was just overall wholesome and fun. Now, that I know that this is done annually, I'm considering finding some way of incorporating it into our schooling next year.  Maybe picking some books to coincide with certain food and health themes. wheels are turning.

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