Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Moonshine Weekend

There is something simple and charming about Pumpkin Moonshine by Tasha Tudor that just makes my kids smile and at times laugh so hard.  I think that if we allowed it; the kids would roll pumpkins down our hill. This little book, I'll admit, has added to the atmosphere of the annual tradition my children have come to enjoy.  Every year, with Grandma and Great Aunt, they love going to collect pumpkins, coming home to carve them and roasting the seeds. 

I just have to giggle at our trip this year.  Our usual spot has become such a hot spot that we thought we'd save on the admission price and check out a seasonal spot by the mall.  Well, the kids had fun....But did not want to buy  their pumpkins there.  After lunch we headed over to the usual farm and just shopped for pumpkins at their store.  A simple sugar pumpkin will not suffice.  My kids are really becoming pumpkin snobs ; )  They each wanted either the biggest, orangest, least orange, smallest, weirdest or most unusual shape.  I think they accomplished picking just the right ones.

We enjoyed several other books from the library this past week about pumpkins and Halloween.  There was one in particular the kids really enjoyed.  I have a feeling Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson will become a must around this time of the year.   In case your wondering; I am usually the last one at the table carving out their designs while they go off excitedly waiting to put the candles in them.  As for all those other pumpkins, well, they become part of next months tradition ; )


Eva said...

Great pumpkins, my oldest grows his own pumpkins. When he picked the seeds they also had to promise the biggest pumpkin ever!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

How neat that he plants his own. My daughter really wanted to save the white pumpkin seeds to plant them. We just have terrible luck planting here, we tried one year : (

Eva said...

We also have really bad soil. Our college has organized a community garden in town. We get a plot there and do it there. Would a raised bed be an option?

Grace'n'Chaos said...

We actually have nice soil. Our problem is with rabbits and critters. Haven't figured out how to keep them off our gardens. I tried an enclosed raised bed this year, but they still got through the top of the mesh I used so that it was accessible to us : (

We'll see what we come up with next ; )