Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Humbling - An Award

It can all at once be overwhelming and frightening to enter into the journey of home education.  However, it is much more rewarding to discover there is a way of doing this that is all together wholesome and a delightful way of living your educational journey.  Charlotte Mason has clearly been that for us.  Along the way I have had the opportunity to learn from some wonderful people who have been there and have paved the way.  One of those most precious and important mentors for me has been Jen from Wildflowers and Marbles.  I know I'm not alone in praising her experience and knowledge; not to mention her very nurturing and organizational way of presenting material.  I woke up Saturday morning and checked my dashboard.  I excitedly went over to Jen's to read about her award.  By the time I was done reading, I was thrilled to know someone had acknowledged her wonderful blog and at the same time extremely humbled that she had thought of me.  I have linked to her often here and at my CM support group blog.  I know if you read my blog you have stopped by her wonderful place by now, but if you haven't please do.  She has an amazing way of making you feel that you can live out your education the Charlotte Mason way with confidence.  Thanks Jen for thinking of me!

Here are the rules of receiving the Liebster Blog:
The Liebster Blog Award started in Germany and was intended to drive traffic to hidden gems (blogs with approx 300 followers or less). The rules that come along with the award are simple:
1) Show your thanks to the blogger that gave you the award by linking back to them.
2) Reveal your top pick by leaving a comment on their blog.
3) Post the award on your blog.
4) Enjoy the love of some of the most supportive people on the Internet
There are some wonderful awards and tags out there,  but I particularly thought this one was sweet.  As I found out the word Liebster in German means 'dear' and it is an award given to small blogs with less than 300 followers.  I really wanted to take the opportunity to share this new blog with you .  I'm awarding a very sweet person.

Bobby Jo is the mother of a young son and very soon delivering her second child.  I've enjoyed her posts because she shares a passion for Charlotte Mason and she is at the beginning of her journey.  She is all together very creative and warm.  I hope you will give her a visit at Where the Black Top Ends!


Pam... said...

Referring to my post on narrations:
I'm glad to know that Jenny! Too funny. I'm picturing Charlotte giving us 'that look'. Lol!
But your duty of choice, oh, I think that one is redeemable. Crocheting is something that you can listen with. I hope you show us what you are making. I do the scarf thing only!

What I do want to learn is knitting. The girls have those nifty knitter looms, those are great. I have all the books. What i need is someone to come over and show me! Yes, that's what kind of learner I am. There must be nothing as calm, peaceful and homey as that clickety clack of some needles with a yarn ball running off. It is just plain poetic!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

I'm a very visual learner too. I borrowed The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet and just have had a blast with it. I'll have to make a post about our handicrafts soon. My youngest dd has the bug too.