Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Dia De Los Reyes, Epiphany

As the Christmas season continues, we always look forward to January 6th: el Dia de los Reyes (the Day of the Kings).  Epiphany was one of those traditions that I do remember of as a child.  I was always confused by it though.  There was talk of the baby Jesus being stolen at one celebration and then returned at another celebration.  I remember one get together after another December through February.  As I've gotten older I've discovered that these cultural traditions are actually very much rooted with our liturgical calendar.  Rather than trying to explain the whole thing, I found this site which does a pretty good job at it.

A few years back trying to instill our Catholic traditions along with some culture we began to celebrate the Epiphany with a simple snack consisting of our yummy Mexican hot chocolate or sometimes a Chapurrado (if I'm feeling up to making it) and the traditional Rosca de Reyes.  This, I think, is always the most fun.  It is a sweet bread in the shape of a ring with some dry fruit candy and a few plastic babies hidden in it.  The kids always hope they will be the lucky ones to get a baby.

While we indulge we always listen to our favorite Epiphany book by Tomie De Paola: The Story of the Three Wise Kings.  Visit Jennifer's blog Family in Feast and Feria for some other great Epiphany titles.  She is always a wonderful source about our faith and Liturgical calendar.

Now, why am I writing this tonight.  Well, I also discovered a few years back that if you don't buy or order your Rosca early, you might not get one.  One year my husband tried a few bakeries and they were either sold out or the lines were just way to long to wait.  He has been nice enough to buy it a day early now.  We have a few park days tomorrow with our homeschool groups so we'll be enjoying our story, hot chocolate and Rosca in the evening so dad can join us.  How do you celebrate Epiphany? I always enjoy learning about new traditions. : D


Eva said...

Our Epiphany always needs to compete with our eldest child's birthday. I really like the picture book Ahmal and the Night Visitors. We also read some German books/stories and sing songs. For us it's the last day to light the candles on our Christmas tree. We use real candles.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Eva, I'm impressed that you use real candles!! The book is new to me I'll have to take a look at it, thanks.

Eva said...

I grew up with real candles and wanted to pass it on to my children. There is something magical about it when they are on a Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

hubby being French, we always have the traditional "galette des Rois" which is a puff pastry pie with a yummy almond-cream filling. We make King's crowns and sing some traditional hymns from my country ;-)

cheers from Europe,

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Ooh Maria, that sounds scrumptious and fun. Thanks for sharing!