Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ships Ahoy!

My kids keep reminding me that I haven't  posted pictures of a field trip they absolutely enjoyed.  A few weeks back they had the chance to visit the Lady Washington docked at the Channel Islands Harbor.   It was a gorgeous day; did not seem like January at all.

While we aren't studying the 1700's this year, we did last year and the images are still fresh. They learned about parts of a ship, some sailing terms and even got to work with the ropes.

I love having the opportunity for field trips that give the kids a hands on experience.  Sometimes this is just the last bit they need to make a connection with something they've learned or want to learn ; )


Eva said...

That looks like a great experience. We once saw a replica of the Pinta on Lake Michigan. You could also enter it and got a tour. Ships are fascinating, aren't they?

Grace'n'Chaos said...

I remember reading about the Pinta and of course it wasn't going to be anywhere near us. When this came up I thought it would a perfect chance. Ships are certainly fascinating!

Eva said...

I think they tour the country every year. There is a schedule on their website.