Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nature Meet Ups With Friends

We are so excited!  One of our home school groups is starting a monthly Nature Walk/Hikes around our community.  Fortunately for us; there are so many places to visit and wonderful weather : D  Today was our first official meet up.  This is my daughter and her friend trekking the trail far far behind me and the boys.  They were busy observing animal tracks and drawing them in their journals.   Luckily, her mom stayed behind too and captured this sweet moment.  It was a gorgeous day and just right for taking in some beautiful oaks, tracks, rocks, bird sounds and just running through dry bushes with friends.  No plan, no objective, just a leisure walk and natural curiosity.

Nature walks are a big part of our science focus.  We have just come to enjoy and find that these outings are a natural part of our lives.  If you haven't had a chance to read Jen's new post on Science,  head on over there!  It is excellent and she gives such a great overview of science and nature study a la Charlotte Mason.


Serena said...

Great nature journal entry! It is always exciting to find animal tracks. I must get the kids outside today. :)

Unknown said...

How the journal entry! My friend and I are also in the planning stages of a nature group. Can't wait till spring!! :)

Eva said...

Our animal tracks are in the snow right now. Too wet to take a nature book outside and do some drawings, but you already knew that :)

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies.

Amy I'll look forward to hearing about your group : D

Serena & Eva, I can just imagine trying to get out in you weather, but I bet it could be an adventure too ; )

Lisa Maria said...

Hello Jenny

I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to Catholic Mothers Online. Your blog looks very interesting...I'll poke around a bit.

God bless and have a lovely weekend!

Theresa Thomas said...

You must live in a warm climate- :) Your pictures are lovely. We have drizzle, snow and more drizzle. :) God bless!

Jenny said...

Hi ladies, thanks for stopping by and welcome.

Theresa, we live in CA and we've had maybe a handful of rainy days all season : (

Kris said...

O.K. so I go and post this award and I don't even remember to let everyone I passed it on to know until you reminded me, lol!

Collette said...

This looks like so much fun!! LOL, we are counting the days until spring so we can get out a little more, too :)

I love all of your family's art journaling, and esp. how you are including many of your subjects with it (as in your music post). THis is something I'm trying to do more of in our homeschool, too :) Very encouraging!!

Cute new header/blog design, too :)

Have a blessed day!