Thursday, February 14, 2013

St. Valentine's Morning

Happy Valentines Day! This morning I was reminded of just how blessed and graced filled my chaotic days actually are.  My wonderful husband and kids woke me up this morning with cards and treats in hand.  They are so sweet.  They all moved on to the dinning table to have their breakfast.  I had to get up just for a bit because I could hear my husband talking to the girls.  The girls had some oohs, aahs and huge blushing smiles;  while they read their Valentine's from dad.  He started this tradition a few years ago, but as they are getting older his cards and words are starting to really have sweet sentiment...oh and what little girl doesn't want a big bar of chocolate ; )
Later today he'll take the kids to our home school group's Valentine party where the kids will distribute their treats and their hand made cards.  I'm sure he'll have tons of fun with them ; )
As for me, well, I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday (after going to Ash Wednesday morning mass with the kids and dad).  Needless to say laying low and curling up in bed just feels so nice.  So as I was taking a picture of the girls cards this morning, I couldn't help but grab these off the shelf. I found these two lovely books at the library used section a while ago. They have lovely artwork: Love: Penhaligons Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose and A Victorian Posy. They are both very nice collections to curl up with today while dad takes a lead this Valentines day.  

I hope everyone enjoys their day and can surround themselves with love, peace and grace.  Especially as we've begun the lent season.  As soon as I'm feeling better I'll come back to share what we're reading and doing this year.

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