Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent 2013: Simplicity & Routine

We've had such a busy year so far that our table and our Lent season really need to stay simple.  There have been several unexpected emergencies and highly emotional moments that our goals are simplicity, reflection and routine.  This year our board is decorated with one cross, purple ribbon,  a muslin pouch filled with nails, a wooden hammer and our Alleluia wrapped in the second muslin pouch.  Each day after we've read from Lent for Children a Thought a Day suggested by Jenn at Family in Feast and Feria we will hammer a nail to our cross. 

I also loved the idea of a Montessori style Lent box for our stations of the cross.  Visit Holly at The Three Sided Wheel for her wonderful tutorial and printouts.  I was able to put this together last year and the kids really enjoyed it as well.  It was just perfect for my very sensory needy boys.  So it is on our table again this year.

As for our book basket; it is filled with our favorites and last years additions. I have just a few new ones that I've collected since then:

- Lilies, Rabbits, and Painted Eggs: The Story of the Easter Symbols by Edna Barth
- The Story of the Easter Robin by Dandi Daley Mackall
- The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg

I can't wait to see if I find any new treasures by Easter Sunday.


Eva said...

Thanks for posting, Jenny, I really like the Montessori box. I only have one really little one left, but that might be just right for her. I still have to get out Jenn's booklet, we have been dealing with the flu here, so our Lenten preparations have been almost non-existent (except going to church on Ash Wednesday and giving things up for Lent). Have a blessed Lent!

Jenny said...

Hi Eva, I hope everyone is recovered now. I know what you mean though; it's been a little slow in the prep dept for me too. Praying for you and your family this season, lol.

Eva said...

Unfortuanately, we are still all sick. My husband was supposed to fly to Santa Barbara, but he had to cancel all his traveling arrangements.

I also find it hard to concentrate on Lent with all the changes in the Vatican.

Thanks for you prayers.