Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amazing Sites: Lake Atitlan

Some more pictures!  The second place we visited on our trip was one of the wonderful lakes in the country.  Lake Atitlan is further from the capital and it's located in the Highlands of the region.  We were told it is the second largest lake in the country with its 50.2 square feet surface area and a maximum depth of 1,120 ft. 
It was not the clearest of days, so you can't see straight across the lake. It would take at least 40 minutes to get there by boat.  I'm not sure if the pictures represent how rough the water felt but it was like riding in the ocean.  We were wearing life vests and holding on!

Our boat ride was a quick 15 minutes along the shore line to a nearby town.  In the town we had a chance to see some indigenous women and girls working on some wonderful weaving.  We also had a chance to visit the town square and see men getting ready for their Holy Thursday procession.  I loved all their work:


We ended our visit to the lake by doing some shopping and enjoying some lunch back in Panajachel, where our visit began.   They're not pictured, but there were bottles of ketchup, mayonnaise and hot sauce at our table;  they were for the pizza!

Can you believe that as soon as we got back on the road it started to rain!  I'm so glad we started early that day : )

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EK said...

Ketchup, mayonnaise, and pizza: the three most important American food groups!!