Friday, May 20, 2011

Entrepreneur Day

We are very fortunate to belong to two wonderful home school groups.  Each has blessed us in many ways.  I will refer to them as our Big group and our Small group.  Today we did one of our very favorite activities with our Big group.  It's called Entrepreneur Day.  Once a year the kids all create their own products, advertise, and sell during a weekly park day:  flea market style.  We participated our first year with the group, when there were only four siblings; but for the first time since the girls decided they wanted to make something.  So what do we know most about around here: BOOKS!

The girls put together a basket full of used books and got to work making some book corners out of decorative scrap booking paper.  They named their store and decided on a price list.  (I think deciding this was the hardest part for them.)  Even my six year old decided to make some book markers with dot paint and natural paper.  You see that orange/pink swirl notebook?  That's where they recorded their sales.  They made $12.15 total.  Not bad ; )  (Just wait 'till they have to figure out how to divide it.)
The years we haven't sold something, we've had fun taking our piggy bank money and buying from the very creative things there.  Look at the wonderful things we bought today.  Homemade sugar scrub, play dough, paper plate frisbee, carnation seeds ready to be planted, some beautiful beaded earrings and wood made axes/knives (this was a hit with the boys). 

What you don't see and has always been a big hit is all the yummy treats some kids will make.  We had brownies, scones, frost your own cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, green lemonade,  frozen jello sticks and of course good old fashion chocolate chip cookies (they really ate all of this today).  We also have some very innovated entrepreneurs who create game booth style opportunities for us to spend our money.  Croquet was a hit with my six year old and someone created marshmallow blow guns made out of plastic pvc pipes (sorry, I don't have a picture of that one, a little too dangerous for my brood, even if they were just marshmallows).
Here's a close up of those pretty earrings.  Isn't she just so talented? I'm always amazed at all the wonderful talent that gets displayed.  As usual it was a chaotic morning but well worth it.  The kids had so much fun and I know they practiced some very important lessons.


Cincoestradas said...

Very nice. It was a great day. I loved your table, and your bookmarks were great!

EK said...

That is such a neat idea!