Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Introduction

I thought to break the ice I'd attempt to explain our motto.  If you are family, friend or just anyone who has ever walked through our doors you understand how dear and true this phrase is to us.

 We are truly blessed with six wonderful children ranging between the ages of 11 and 18 months; the last five all average about 17 months difference in birthdays.  I am convinced that the decibel and energy level in our house is at least 6x’s greater than the average home. While I have taken dear to Ms. Mason's philosophy of education and I make every attempt at an organized routine and constantly work at habit formation my darling children very naturally create an atmosphere of disorder and unpredictability on a daily basis.  This chaos is by no means done in a malicious manner, but rather in the purest form of innocence, youth and curiosity.  These clearly are all good things in trying to create an atmosphere that in the end lends itself to the rawest form of learning. 

They are each individuals and not one like the other.  This is one of the many graces God bestowe’s upon us.  Now, please don’t be misled, God always has a plan.  Our loving Father has very graciously given these children a mother that doesn’t thrive in chaos but rather complete order; and a jovial virtuous father who complements and keeps me level headed.  The result is a graceful balance in our home.  Together we all humble ourselves to his will and plan for ultimate GRACE IN LOVING CHAOS. 

We hope you enjoy your visits.


EK said...

I have enjoyed what you've written so far and look forward to more! I love your motto... something I always need to keep in mind.

Karen said...

wonderful motto - something for me to remember to aspire to - I, too, crave order and MY six children: not so much!
God Bless