Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazing Sites: Pacaya

My oldest daughter and I had a chance to travel to the country of Guatemala in Central America during Holy Week back in April.  It was truly an amazing trip to experience all the color, faith and culture of this country.  Being avid admirers of nature and including nature studies as a core part of our schooling; we particularly devoured the natural sites visited.  We wanted to include some photos of our trip and give you just a little background about them.  I won't post all at once about our visits, but look out for them here and there.

The Pacaya Volcano is located in the department of Esquintla not far from the capital.  Its elevation towers 8,373 ft.
This is as far as we got and it took us an hour and a half to get here.  Once we were in this general area the ground felt warm and as you can see not smooth at all.
The volcano is by no means dormant.  Just last year, on May 20th,  it erupted causing the president to declare a national tragedy.  That oval you see in the center (we were told) is the mouth of last year's eruption.

I'll leave you with one last picture.  This was at the very top where we were:  AMAZING!


Cincoestradas said...

Beautiful pictures! What an adventure!

EK said...

Your pictures are amazing! I can't even imagine being there!

Grace&Chaos said...

Thanks ladies, we've got lots more pictures :)

Eva said...

We just took a look at your volcano pictures. I love the little plant at the end. Thanks for sharing.