Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent 2014: Reconcile and Share

We're not doing much that is different from our past Lenten seasons around here.  I have transformed our nature study area into our Lenten season table.

Our wonderful Lent/Easter book basket is out.  What a treat to enjoy these books once a year.  As a family, I chose to read out loud the Michael Hague Easter Treasury.

Our Lent Box with the Stations of the cross is out.  This is such a wonderful activity that my kids enjoy every year.  We have our Stations of the Cross Fridays.

Every year I also hope to inspire the kids with our Lenten countdown calendar.  Every day we nail a cross to the board.  This year I chose to decorate the board with a path made of 40 stones.  Every time we nail a cross, I try to talk about our focus for the season: Reconciling and Sharing is our theme this year.  I do this by choosing a prayer or a poem or simply reminding them about specific situations/times we need to remember these values in our lives.

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Amanda said...


I am inspired!

Your colors are calming too;-)

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you are inspired, lol!