Friday, June 3, 2011

Astronomy for Summer ?

There are still a couple of subjects we need to finish in the next week and I was seriously thinking a good long break before starting any plans.  I've got plenty of summer fun reads already in our living room book  basket, but wasn't planning anything else for a while.   I'm not burned out, really : ), but it has been a long spring.  A wonderful vacation, two first communions (including my beautiful girl), two baptisms, one baby shower,  7 birthdays with parties, one zoo snooze camp out, and a very full Mother's Day. 

Then my very artistic, creative builder six year old son starts asking lots of planet questions last night.  I obliged and took out some books I've been gathering for an Astronomy study and started looking at them with him.  He was very interested and asked plenty of questions.  Then did what comes very natural to him:  he hit the arts'n'crafts area.  He was very busy last night and this morning.  Running around with our copy of Child's Introduction to the Night Sky.  Mid morning my three year old begs me to please put the number one on his ticket.  Ticket?  Yes, so I can go to the museum.  What museum?  The one in the big boys room. They've got Daddy's flashlights.  Huge smile:
My girls immediately start chimming in.  You know you can really see the stars better in the summer...and when we go camping you really see them ... and their named after Greek mythology, aren't we doing that next.  I haven't been able to keep them away from the constellation books today. Now, I just have to explain to my husband how that telescope is really a good investment.  Can we please get it, it is an educational expense  : )

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