Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Many blessings and good thoughts to all our dads.  They are our rock and foundation.  I could not imagine our lives without the guidance and caring my wonderful husband provides.  We spent the morning at church listening to the last children's choir mass until September.  Both my girls were very excited to have their dad and grandfather there listening to them. 

Then we came home and the kids helped dad clean the garage.  They did a good job but not before a couple of interruptions from another family celebrating father's day nestled in our driveway's lavender bushes. If you have as many quail in your neck of the woods as we do, you know their song is not necessarily the quietest or melodious.  It did not take my kids long to find their nest a couple of feet away from where they were hard at work.  Here is a California Quail pair and one of their chicks.
The kids think they counted about six of these little guys in the quails nest hidden underneath all the lavender.  Mom and dad kept coming out and checking out what my little chicks were doing.

The morning couldn't be complete without dad showing our four year old how to be gentle with his little friend:

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