Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kate Greenaway, Just Lovely

I love old Victorian era style art and pictures.  One of my favorite children's illustrators is Kate Greenaway.  There is something so lovely about her depiction of children that just makes me want to have a tea party.
I have been very lucky to find some books which feature her illustrations.   On two separate occasions now, I have found what I consider treasures at our library's used book sale area.  Several months ago I found Kate Greenaway's Family Treasury:

This is such a treat because it includes five of her well known books:  A Applepie, Book of Games, Marigold Garden, Mother Goose, and Under the Window.  I have to admit, I enjoy all of them; but my favorite is the Book of Games.  The description of Victorian era games and the illustrations that go with them are just too precious.   I easily imagine Ms. Mason and her students in these portraits.  They honestly just make me smile.

 Yesterday at the library I found this 1974 Dover Coloring Book.  It looks brand new, with yellowed pages of course; but just perfect none the less.  I immediately added to our pile.  I haven't figured out how to incorporate these lovely books into our days yet.  The girls have looked through them and enjoyed them, but I'm thinking more along the lines of using them for copy work.   For now they are treasures and they are sitting in our summer reading basket just because.

    June 23
 Dear moon-daisies, I love you;
     Old friends, that I know so well;
 Glad scenes come back when I see you,
      And sad thoughts that I dare not tell.
                                Mrs. Sale-Barker,  from Birthday Book


Pam... said...

What a lovely illustrator. I haven't heard of her. I just looked over her books at Amazon. Lovely.
Can you use her poetry for copywork? I love the Language of Flowers one. Maybe some nature notes or verses from this type of book can accompany a nature journal or commonplace book. Thanks for sharing this.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

I really like the idea of copywork and maybe using some verses in our flower watercolor pages. Thanks Pam.

Dorie said...

These look lovely and what a blessing to find them.
Also, thank you for your reading suggestions you gave me. I'll be checking our library for a few new to me titles.

Silvia said...

I didn't know her either... but I'm glad that's changed now! The illustrations look absolutely adorable.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Dorie and Silvia, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you've been introduced to her :)