Sunday, June 5, 2011

Party Host

For a few years now, I've been wanting to host something.  Before six children, before home schooling, before over a decade of marriage, just before... I remember hosting and attending lots of demonstration type parties.  You know the ones where you have some treats and snacks and listen to someone present their product.  I always felt so grown up and exclusive at these.  I enjoyed the products and there was always a goal of items to get.  As time has gone by this has not been something I do anymore. 

My get togethers have completely shifted to birthday parties, family type events, play dates and of course our circle of friends also seems to have changed (slightly).  I certainly don't mind and enjoy every single time there is a gathering to plan.  I think I'm becoming an excellent last minute planner.  My kids are always asking so who's coming today?  What are we celebrating?  It really is fun.  But lately I've been craving something just for mommy.

Yesterday afternoon one of my dear friends (also a catholic homeschooling mom) brought her beautiful Starry Night Design Jewelry to display at my house.  My wonderful husband agreed to take all the kids (except the baby) to run errands and do chores elsewhere.  We had the whole house to ourselves.  I served coffee and tea and had a very nice selection of sweet treats for us to enjoy.  We listened to some Sam Cooke and had great conversation.  There was something different about the atmosphere at this party though.  This wasn't about the product (although it is lovely and just about the only jewelry I wear).  I couldn't quiet explain it, but then I finally realized what it was.  There was something very special about each lady present and why they were there.  They have each blessed me so much and in so many ways: six children later, four years of home schooling later, over a decade of marriage later, a grown up life later.   It was a small gathering of some of the closest and most loved women in my life.  You have no idea how much they mean to me as women, mothers, family, mentors and friends:  they are all wonderful and amazing.  I really hope that you all have that special group of women that only makes you better each passing year.  Thanks for coming, I had a great time.  It was exactly the mommy time I wanted!

So sorry, my pictures don't do her work justice. : (

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