Monday, June 27, 2011

Buzzing Bees Part 3

I am always amazed how living our education can just lead you sometimes (most often than not) in a very spontaneous way.  Our intent yesterday afternoon was to head over to a local fish hatchery and let the kids take a small tour.  We got to the hatchery ten minutes after they had officially closed.  Instead of just making the drive back home we decided to drive to the nearby lake and check out the campgrounds (just in case we want to go there someday).  Once we were on the highway again, we noticed a big sign that read HONEY TASTING ROOM.  I remember hearing about a honey farm in the area a couple of  years back but honestly had completely forgotten about it. 

We did visit the lake but on our way back home detoured into the honey farm.  They were closed for tours on the weekend but the kids enjoyed looking around the store and tasting the different varieties of honey.

They even had a chance to taste cactus honey (a very thick and coarse consistency, but still sweet).  I think that their favorite thing in the store was a mounted glass door cabinet full of bees and a live honey hive:

Slowly but surely we have by living our education covered just about every aspect of the bee and its existence.   Pretty neat!

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